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Best Diet Pills in 2019

best diet pills

We have selected Top 3 best diet pills recommended by

PhenQ: Best Diet Pills

PhenQ diet pill which is manufactured by Almased USA Inc. claimed to induce weight loss by means of its concoction of 100% natural ingredients.

As it is specifically stated on the official website, PhenQ diet pill is able to provide a weight reduction up to 10 pounds within 2 week period time.

Not only this, the manufacturer also claimed that this product even accelerates the fat burning process via a significant increase in the metabolism rate. However, during the review we noticed that although the manufacturer told about few scientific studies on the website, but still it lacks proper clinical proof to support that.

Diet pill is said to help in weight reduction by raising the metabolism of fats and to the manufacturer it can even burn fat while one is sleeping! This is possible because of the presence of three natural ingredients – honey, soy and yogurt respectively, which work together in a synergetic way. Furthermore, this composition has also been claimed to provide other added benefits in the form of muscle mass retention, energy level enhancement and suitability for a diabetic patient.


The below mentioned are certain advantages of PhenQ:

  • The ingredients used in this product are all natural
  • A number of scientific studies as well customer testimonials have been given on the official site in support of the claims the manufacturer made.
  • It is unique in the sense that you do not need to have a daily pill or follow a daily exercise plan. Because the product comes in the form of a nutrient drink that you can use it anytime like any other beverages.
  • It is claimed to provide multiple benefits.


The following are certain disadvantages of the diet pills that we noticed while reviewing:

  • As we mentioned earlier, it may have the backup of scientific studies but certainly lacks approval of FDA.
  • The price is too high as you have to spend $37.95 for each canister and $109.95 for each Almased synergy kit.
  • Some people may be allergic to the ingredient – soy.
  • Some individuals have found the product unappetizing.

Therefore, we do not recommend this diet supplement for the uncertainty associated with it along with the absence of any proof showing FDA approval.

Capsiplex Diet Pills

The manufacturer of Capsiplex referred this weight loss supplement as the one which provides three benefits together that is fat burning, skin improvement and body joint support.

It has been claimed to be composed with one special ingredient called collagen protein that usually provides multiple benefits.

However, sadly we didn’t find even a single positive fact like a clinical background or customer testimonials that could prove the originality of Capsiplex.

During the review, we just understood only one single fact that the functioning of Capsiplex diet pill solely depends on collagen protein. As explained on their website, collagen plays a great role in the proper development of our connecting tissues, muscles as well bones, etc. With the growing ages this element starts breaking down thereby leading to several issues like weight gain, unhealthy skin, weak joints and so on. So, by supplementing collagen as a dietary supplement, we can solve these problems all at once and this is what Capsiplex is claimed to do!

The below mentioned are certain pros of the product Capsiplex as is mentioned by the manufacturer can strengthen the collagen level and if this is true, then probably the only good side of this product.

It comes with a 35-day money back guarantee.


We have noticed a number of cons as mentioned below:

  • The official website only stated and described the benefits of collagen protein; however, poorly lacks the list of ingredients!
  • Noticeable absence of medical proof is another serious con of aminoscuplt.
  • Their website is a poorly designed single-page website which is quite strange.
  • Contact options are not provided on the official website.
  • It didn’t mention anything about the manufacturer!

We simply do not recommend this product because it lacks all the essentials such as a complete ingredient list, clinical background, testimonial and company info.

Proactol Diet Pills

Proactol is a dietary supplement which aims in reducing weight by means of suppressing the appetite.

It is claimed by the manufacturer as the only product with nine distinct patented ingredients that can help in losing weight up to 12 pounds in a two week time.
However, when we were reviewing the product, we noticed absence of medical proofs as well other essential qualities!

Like any other appetite suppressants, it also depends on a number of ingredients which as they claimed on the official website provides a quicker weight reduction benefit. Let’s check out them.

So these are the primary ingredients of which Proactol diet pills is composed. However, there you will find some other ingredients too such as Forslean, 7 Keto, Chromemate, Bioperine, etc.


Following are the significant disadvantages that we noticed:

Therefore, we do not recommend this particular dietary supplement on account of the negatives associated with it like lack of medical testimony, high return rate and so on.

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