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3 Ways to Lose Weight



The world has sped up, literally. Einstein said that time was a creation of humankind, and humankind has whittled itself into fragments. We no longer wait for seasons to dictate our lives; no longer read the sky for our futures. We live and die by the clock, a system we’ve esteemed into 24 hours. Existing in this box we’ve created, it’s easy to see why so many people suffer from health problems, depression, and inactivity. But today—today you can make that change.


What we put into our bodies can be the only sense of control we have over our lives. The amount of money we make can determine the quality of food we intake, but it always reflects on our health. There are inexpensive, healthy ways to eat, but they take more time and planning than the dollar menu (but we promise—it’s worth it). Nutrition is comprised of three main elements: the quantity of food we intake, the quality, and the frequency. Health is about balance, and so we must find the balance between these factors.


So many people dread exercise because in this day and age, so much of our lives are spent sitting. Humans were not meant to sit for long periods of time. We are animals, built to run, move, stand, and only lie down when resting. The hours on end we spend sitting is actually changing our circulatory systems, making it more difficult to be active when we choose to be. Exercise health is premised on three elements: endurance, flexibility, and strength. Many people get caught up in just one or two of these, but for adequate long-term health, you need all three.


Cleansing is a great way for you to begin your journey to health. When you’ve found yourself becoming sluggish, both mentally and physically, it means that you need to cleanse your system. We are constantly exposed to toxins, in our air, water, and food, and so regular cleansing is elemental in composing a healthy lifestyle.

We recommend cleansing your nutrient uptake system first: the colon. The colon is where the action really happens in the body. That’s where we mull over the nutrients we need and eliminate those that we don’t. When the colon becomes sluggish (if you aren’t going three times a day—it’s sluggish), then you aren’t eliminating toxins from your body. When fecal matter sits in your digestive track, infections, blockages, and tears can occur. This is where you need a colon cleanse.

How To Lose Baby Weight

When we experience pregnancy, many of us tend to gain pounds and pounds. And many have trouble losing that pregnancy weight again. Sometimes, it changes your entire body type. You develop trouble spots you never had, you have a body that you never experienced. But the question is, how do you eliminate that excess pregnancy weight, regardless of where it may be or what form it may take?

1. Find a support group
Whether you are using an online support group or you are trying to find friends that will do all of this with you, it is important to find support that will give you the extra support that you need. With a support group, you can get ideas, you can get tips, you can get support when you happen to mess up, etc.

2. Eat pistachios or almonds
Peanuts are thought to be rich in protein by some. But they are also extremely rich in fat. If you instead choose to use pistachios or almonds, they have half the calories and more protein in some cases.

3. Eat smaller meals throughout the day
Eating 5 to 6 small meals per day may lead to eating more. But you are keeping your metabolism going throughout the day, and you are going to seriously avoid a lot of unnecessary fat buildup.

4. Substitute vegetables for sweets
It’s as simple as eating something like grapes instead of candy. If you do this, you can burn more fat and ultimately lose more weight, achieving substantially better results.

5. Change up your workouts
The same old workout can get boring. If you switch up workouts between different sports, machines, classes, etc, you can effectively get your body going and stop the body from getting too accustomed to any given workout.

6. Take the stairs
It’s simpler than you think. If you are going to lose weight, just make that little extra effort. Take the stairs. If it’s a block, don’ take a taxi or the metro. Just walk that extra block. Wear more practical shoes for greater activity during the day.

7. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day
Most of the time, when we think that we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. But we have not necessarily trained our bodies to tell the difference. When it comes to this, you can retrain your body, give it the best diet pills, and lose more weight.

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