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Sticking to a Diet: Three Simple Tips



Statistics show that of the 45 million Americans who attempt to diet each year, only 15% will be successful in both seeing results and following the rules they have set for themselves.

Don’t let this discourage you! There are ways to make succeeding in your diet possible.

If you are about to embark on your own journey towards weight loss and you want to be in that select group of successful dieters, you should learn these tips on how to make sticking to a diet a lot easier.

Tip 1: Write a Dieting Blog

If you have tried to incorporate healthier eating habits or regular exercise into your daily regime before, you know how much easier it is when you have a diet partner who is, for example, abstaining from sweets with you or going to the gym every morning with you.

Not only does a diet partner make the whole process a lot more fun, it also provides you with a person to whom you have to be accountable. You are less likely to cheat and eat some high-calorie junk food if you have to answer to your friend, and you are more likely to hit the gym because your buddy will know that you skipped a day–and you will feel guilty that he or she had to go by themselves.

A blog works essentially the same way: if you keep a dieting blog in which you document what you are eating, what you are doing to work out and how often you do it, and your feelings and progress along the way, you will inevitably feel the need to be updating your readers. And when you have people counting on you to post about your progress, you will be much less likely to slack off one week.

A dieting blog will not just be a good way to guilt you into sticking to a diet; it will also be a valuable documentation for your own benefit. Keeping a food and exercise diary along with your thoughts about what worked and didn’t work will help you find your absolute best dieting techniques.

Tip 2: Find the Right Supplement for You

Though diet supplements tend to have a bad reputation, they actually have the ability to make your diet much easier and to help you see quicker and more satisfying results.

You should not just try the first diet supplement you see, however; you need to do your research and decide which one is ideal for you and for your diet goals.

Some supplements on the market are fat burners, which are great if you are trying to lose weight in a specific area of your body, and other ones give you major boosts of energy to help you at the gym and help you build muscle more efficiently.

Others, like Lipozene, are appetite suppressants that will help you if you are looking to cut down your calorie intake. Read this Lipozene review to discover if this really works and to see if an appetite suppressant is the type of diet supplement you need.

Clinicallix is the all natural formulation meant to help you to get 3 clinically proven weight loss combinations. When you use Clinicallix, you get all natural ingredients that can help you to approach weight loss in multiple ways. It helps you to suppress appetite with ingredients like glucomannan. And when you use Clinicallix, you will also get a natural and completely stimulant free fat burning blend. It has garcinia cambogia, gymnema sylvestre, and more. And it can even keep you full for a longer period of time. But the real difference is that they have the clinically proven amounts of all of the ingredient used. With Clinicallix diet pills, you could even lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days.

Tip 3: Stock Up to Cut Down on Slacking

One of the hardest parts about dieting is actually staying true to your food restrictions. Sometimes as you drive home from work, all you want to do is to pull through the nearest drive thru because it’s faster and often tastes better than the healthier options that you have in your kitchen.

To help yourself avoid this, hit the grocery store and fill your pantry with quick but healthy options. Do some pre-planning before your trip to the store and figure out what kinds of meals and snacks will be easy and fast to make but will also actually taste good.

If you keep healthy “convenience foods” on hand in your house, you will be much less likely to give up on your diet.

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